School before lyceum

You know, I still believe,

If the world always live,

The highest value of humanity will be TEACHERS!

School-lyceum №35 keeps own history very carefully.

Material about its life we chose from veterans and ex-students’ memories drop by drop.

1955 год

On the railway station side, on former wasteland, on the 1st of September secondary school №22 of Uralsk-Orenburg railway station open the doors for the first pupils.(Order №725 from 24.08.55). School was for 420 students.

Sidorov G.M, teacher of geography, veteran of the Second World war, became the first director of school. Sidorov G.M had awards: a sign «Excellent worker of Stalin’s draft», medals «For Moscow’s defense», «For victory against Germany in the Second World war» ,«For fighting achievements». Georgiy Mikhailovich enclosed much power in formation of staff potential, creating a favorable atmosphere in new collective, rising the quality of students’ preparing and fortification of material and technical base of school. Thanks to his talent a s a leader, hard work and ability to see the perspective and understand people it was possible to create hardworking and healthy staff.

His helper was Simakova Y.P, director of studies on teaching and educational work, teacher of Mathematics. During the Second World war she had been working at school №533 as a head pioneer leader, and in the postwar time Yekaterina Petrovna provided qualitative realization of demands in educational programs. Perfection of teaching in all subjects, growth of mastery of teaching – the most important course in her work.

Yeryomina M.M passed her labour way from Komsomol leader to secretary of Communist party organization of school №22. Working as a librarian and a teacher of primary school, she was studying in Uralsk Pedagogical institution in the name of Pushkin in absentia. Having finished it, she headed a trade union organization of school and became the 2nd director of studies on teaching and educational work. She had an inexhaustible organizational skills.

Afanasyeva R.M worked as a secretary of office work for 25 years. «Scientific» secretary, as she was called respectably by municipal department of education, she always kept documentation of school right in order. She knew names of all students, worried about them, she was like a mentor, teachers and students often asked for her advice.

Sidorov Georgiy Mikhailovich

Simakova Yekaterina Petrovna 

Yeryomina Mariya Markovna

Afanasyeva Raissa Mikhailovna

Initial collective was consisted of experienced teachers, who all their working life spent teaching and educating teenagers.

The main foundation of knowledge was set by teachers of primary school: Resanov K.M, Khokhlacheva N.D, Zaikina Y.L, Baklan A.N, Yermolayeva R.M, Solovyova V.Z, Nepomnyaschikh M.A, Bolshakova A.P, Otlivnaya N.I, Korshunova T.P, Bukova L.M, Potanina M.V. Their tremulous, careful relations to children, deep knowledge of psychology and pedagogy, creative approach to work let them teach and educate junior pupils successfully.

Pedagogical staff of school №22

Teachers of high school continued to work teaching children.

Kublanov L.A, veteran of the Second World war, party organizer of school, teacher of physical culture. Earlier he worked as a teacher of school №532. Uncompromising teacher, he held a huge sport and mass work, prepared several sportsman-dischargers, holders of a badge. And dedication, enthusiasm of physical culture teachers Triphonova A.A and Pashkina V.V let school took the first places in sport competitions among pupils in town.

The victory will be ours

Rodin P.R, a veteran of the Second World war, teacher of mathematics. Man of marked individuality, first class specialist, who obtained profound knowledge from pupils, got their respect.


Novikova L.S, Vlassova N.M, Yefremova N.G, Juldugulova A.U, Ustyugova N.B, Santalina N.Y, Kuznetsova N. – theoretically and methodically prepared teachers of mathematics. Their pupils participated in mathematical olympiads and took the first places.

Teachers of biology and geography Kolchenko A.N, Larionova M.I, Berdysheva G.K, Yeryomina M.M, Gorbacheva A.V believed that knowledge, got during the lessons by children, must be practiced. That’s why an experimental territory near a school was set, which was dug up and planned in autumn, and in spring it was being made a planting of fruit trees, berry bushes, grain-crops, and flowerbeds. During the summer time children cared about their school garden happily, made an experiments, researches. Every year in August or September they participated in exhibitions of harvest at agricultural and experimental station, where they used to get certificates and prizes for their work. The harvest, which was gathered by pupils, went to dining room of car shed, where pupils of groups of extended day ate.

Working on the school plot

Flower garden is pride of our school

Burmistrova A.S, Loginova V.S, Fadina V.A, Tigranyan T.M, Antsiferova A, Muromtseva Y.G, Andreyeva T. – enthusiastic teachers, philologists, they used to be in creative search. They were prominent teachers who had profound knowledge and practice in their subjects. Their colleagues and students were admired by their punctuality, academia in teaching material.

Part to humanity education was brought by teachers of history: Sarmina N.F, Gorshenina R.L, Dryantseva L.Y, Sherbakova M.A. They helped form a world outlook of pupils, introduced the history of their native land and nation.

According to the project of school there were no metalworker or carpenter’s workshops, but teachers of handicraft education Zhilin K.F, Solovyov G. adapted basement of school as a workshop, where carpenter’s benches and another necessary equipment were set for handicraft lessons. Venediktova L.N taught future young housewives cutting out ,sewing, and secrets of cookery .With big responsibility they were forming children’s working skills. There were an exhibitions of the best works, many of them were marked with prizes.

If children had problems with searching interesting material for preparing to dispute, party, or writing compositions, they, had known broad minded and erudite librarian Usakova T.Y, went for advice or help only to her. In that school book kingdom they found answers to their all interested questions.

In 1950s-1960s pupils were interested in school interest societies. Every child chose activity according to his or her interest. The choice was various: model aircrafting, studying local history, musical(chorus, dancing), club of international friendship. There were many sport sections, which were managed by enthusiastic teachers.

Teacher of physical education Pashkin V.V. is introducing the rules of game

Students actively participated in cleanups of town. They removed garbage, planted trees and gardens near the railway station, gathered wastepaper, scrap metal, helped create monument of hero of the Civil war Misha Gavrilov. Assistance to veterans and juniors was organized very well.

For success, got in teaching and educating of growing up generation, all teachers received gratitude and honorable certificates of merit from national department of education and regional committee of trade union of education workers.


History is continuing…

1959 year

School № 22 according to order of MPS №42 from 14.07.59 year was given to Kazakh railway station and from 1.09.59 year according to order №87 it was renamed as secondary school №533.

Life was continuing: classes, breaks, pedagogical meetings, holidays, volunteer, labour, vacations, graduation ceremonies.

1961 year

School №533 according to order of Municipal department of education was renamed to School №35.

There were 8 graduations. School-leaving certificates were given, golden and silver medals were got.

Golden medals Silver medals

1955-56 academic year ( 26 students) Masayev Yuriy, Vdovina Malianna

1956-57 academic year (29 students) – Grachikov Georgiy

1957-58 academic year (25 students) --- Dementyeva Tatyana

1958-59 academic year (30 students) --- ---

1959-60 academic year (19 students) --- ---

1960-61 academic year (20 students) --- Sergeyeva Lidiya, Ladygina Valentina

1961-62 academic year (22 students) Kamenev Vladimir, Veselovekaya Natalya, Novikova Tatyana, Yegorova Galina, Shyrokikh Yevgeniya

1962-63 academic year (31 students) Yakimenko Galina, Sokolinskaya Alevtina

It had to be a changing of all town’s schools to cabinet system. School didn’t have enough classrooms. Workrooms didn’t suit modern demands, and in 1964 school №35 was renamed to eight-year-school №35

1972 year

Director of eight-year-school №35 Sidorov G.M and directors of studies are retired.

Imangaliyeva S.Sh. became a director of school( earlier she had been working as director of studies and educational work at School №40), and Belaya M.A became the director of studies and educational work. The time was difficult, problems were difficult.


Sofya Shaimardanovna


Margarita Alexandrovna

Construction of «Omega» factory and apartment houses began in the school district. Number of new children was increasing. Lessons were conduced in two shifts, then in three. Amount of children – 1500.

A new trend appeared – education of six-year-old children in schools, but there were 10 classrooms. Chiefs of «Omega» factory ( director Muldashev B.G) allowed to have lessons in rooms of under the patronage kindergarten «Dolphin». Children were taught by teachers of primary school Ponomaryova F.A and Korshunova T.P, who got Honour of Excellence of education of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. They were enthusiastic in school’s life, loved children, enjoyed their success. They thought teacher must be spiritual rich person, they always aspired to deepen and broaden knowledge of their young students about native land, about beauty of environment, awoke their love to it.

Energy and professional qualities of Ponomaryova F.A and Korshunova T.P combined with delicacy and kindness. Ex-students, now adults, remember lessons of their first teachers, exciting excursions and hiking with gratefulness.

An issue about school’s outbuilding was discussed pointedly. With the help of secretary of Town committee Dergunov, director of «Omega» factory Muldashev B.G, boss of car shed Osipov I.U and boss of NOD Sakhtanova activity an issue was examined and solved by higher authorities.

That period was very difficult, because construction of outbuilding was stopped for many reasons, but a collective lived and worked with faith and hope.

It was laid a foundation

Construction is continuing

1988 year

Outbuilding’s construction was finished, put in commission.

It was impossible to explain happiness of teachers and pupils by words, because school had its own modern workrooms, gymnasium, library and extra classrooms. Students got the opportunity to study in two shifts. Cleanness and comfort, which are necessary for children, were made by technical workers ( Sabirova R.V, Kruglyak Z.S, Grigoryevskaya A.) under the guidance of head of economical part Sharkevich P.V and Kruglyak L.I.

Because of stubbornness, persistence and managerial abilities of director of school Imangaliyeva S.Sh and help of chiefs it was a capital renovation of school’s old part. Furniture for classrooms, sport equipment, music equipment for shows were bought, educative and methodical base of school was increasing.

In that time, when Sophya Shaimardanovna was solving all difficult problems about school’s organization, Belaya M.A was successfully managing educative process of school, giving qualified help to teachers, helping them get skills in new methods, forms of education with pupils, tactically pointing out the shortcomings and possible decisions.

Under the guidance of Belaya M.A there were sessions, seminars of town level about exchange of experiences with model lessons of teachers in school.

Pedagogical meetings were very interesting. Margarita Alexsandrovna thought over and talked about important issues, which didn’t make teachers indifferent («Organization of teachers work», «Optimization of teaching and education process» Babansky etc.) Everybody participated actively, everybody wanted to tell the own point of view on different issues.

As a teacher of Russian language and Literature Belaya M.A is well-known in town to everybody. Her lessons were attended by young teachers and skilled methodists.

Belaya M.A – mentor of young teachers

In institution of teachers enhancement no one course of qualification’s raising of regional philologists went without visiting of Belaya M.A’s lessons. She paid attention to outclass reading, thinking, that if children read more, they became more literate and their language became more cultured, children mastered l material deeper.

At literary parties high school students showed serious passion of poetry, they read poems of favourite poets.

Margarita Alexandrovna wanted to include a lesson in stylistics in the school schedule because there wasn’t enough of oral practice.

Belaya M.A. is a person of poetic nature. All town teachers studied methodical issues of that brilliant teacher and a kind person. Her awards are: “Senior teacher”, “Methodist teacher”, “Excellent of education of Kazakh Republic”

We’d like to express our recognition to the authoritative teacher of physics Nikolaeva E.A. She is a born leader. She has great responsibility in pedagogical work. Strict, fair teacher and mentor of youth, she raised physics teaching to a new level. All the years the level of students' knowledge was high. She trained many winners of city and regional competitions. Her students respect, love, and remember her .They often come to school with words of gratitude for the knowledge base she invested in them

The time is going on. New students with different characters, interests come and teachers’ staff under the leadership of Imangaliyeva S.Sh. continue to discover new unknown horizons for them.

Meeting with new students.

The highest evaluation of teacher’s work is the achievements of students.

The school is proud of many students. They are…

Zheltenkova Lyudmila Nikolayevna, graduate of 1956-57 academic year. She graduated from Aktyubinsk Medical institute, worked as a doctor at the hospital, then at diagnostic center in Uralsk.

Zharyi Yuri Ivanovich, graduate of 1957-58 academic year. He graduated from Uralsk pedagogical institute after A.S. Pushkin. Zharyi Yu. I. worked as a physical training teacher at school № 532, then he was appointed as a director of school № 73 of Kazakh railway station.

Goldovskaya Yuliya Yevseyevna, Kuntsman Oleg Iosifovich, Minayev Victor Petrovich are graduates of 1958-59 academic year. Having graduated from medical institutes they worked in Uralsk and Moscow hospitals (doctors of high qualification).

Kuyarov Vyacheslav Vasiliyevich, graduate of 1962-63 academic year. Having graduated from Aktyubinsk medical institute he worked in Uralsk regional hospital as a gynecologist, and after postgraduate studies he worked as a chief doctor in Nizhnevartovsk hospital. Nowadays he is working in a rank of colonel at medical department of internal affairs in the North region.

Sobolev Yevgeniy Petrovich, graduate of 1962-63 academic year. Having graduated successfully from Kazakhstan Chemical Engineering institute in 1968 as and engineer-builder of industrial and civil engineering. He rose from an engineer to the main designer of “Adaya-Arka” Ltd. The buildings which were designed by Yevgeniy Petrovich are : The Friendship House, the mosque, and 16-storey buildings.

Bekmukhambetov Nurlan. After graduating from music school and music colledge in native Uralsk Nurlan entered in Saratov state after L.V. Sobinov. At present time he is a soloist of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre and Norwegian opera theatre.


Passed years, like life’s book pages, reflect good works of teachers for the benefit for our children.

When meeting with veterans Sofiya Shaimardanovna said: “I am not ashamed for the working years, and I am grateful to our teachers. Let’s bow them.

Imangaliyeva S.SH. has awards: honour certificates of Ministry of Education, city akim Mukatayev, medals: to 100 anniversary of V.I.Lenin’s birth, to 1o anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Labour veteran, badges: “Excellent in education of USSR”, Excellent in education of Kazakh Republic”.

She keeps working now being the head of teachers' veterans organization, keeping in touch with veterans from her school.

On the forthcoming of the 50th anniversary of school №35 we remember bright, unforgettable events from students and teachers’ lives.

1991 year

The school has gained a new status. Now it is School-lyceum №35. There are completely new tasks that the school faces. The school has to respond to the new demands of independent Republic of Kazakhstan.